Rig EK via Malvertising drops Smoke Loader


This is a quick blog about a Rig EK detection I found on Friday. I had tweeted it out as I could not figure out the payload but I also did not have time to blog it. The community all chipped in and discovered it was a new version of Smoke Loader.

Background Information:


(in password protected zip)

Details of infection chain:

(click to enlarge!)


Rig EK via malvertising drops Smoke Loader

Full Details:

As you may know, Rig EK is now using the Flash exploit 2018-4878. You can view my previous post to see a few more details about this. Essentially they appear to have just replaced the old flash file with the new one without any major changes.

During this run I had the same setup. A series of 302 redirects led to Rig EK. This malvertising chain was not as complex as my previous blog but the payload was a surprise.
SHA256: 77f9f74f074dcb5fe5c5dfb7127f6d4932f08963e9d6cb6051f802583a317a65
File name: b6.exe
Detection ratio: 19 / 65
Analysis date: 2018-04-13 20:48:12 UTC ( 2 days, 10 hours ago )
Initially I had noted some familiar observations on my endpoint. Namely that the payload immediately closed all Sysinternal tools I had opened and would not let me open them again. I have only seen this behaviour with Smoke Loader.
I also observed that the program periodically stopped and started. I did not catch any C2’s other than a DNS request or other payloads dropped on my lab. Unsure of what this was, I used Any Run to see if I could tease out any more IOC’s. You can view the run here:
In order to identify it I decided to ask the Twitter community what they thought about it. A lot of people chipped in and the consensus is that it was a new version of Smoke Loader.
The above run, I did browse to one of the C2’s in the sandbox which auto redirected me to a search engine. The malicious activity was before I opened Chrome.

Essentially a number of Twitter users replied to this tweet with some very interesting information about the payload.


Please follow the Twitter thread or the hashtag #smokeloader and follow all of these great people.


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