Rig EK via malvertising drops Imminent RAT


Today I found Rig EK via a 302 redirect. It dropped what appears to be an infostealer trojan as masquerades as a Java updater. A dat file is created which appears to increase over time and there is a lot of traffic over port 5888 indicative of command and control traffic or exfiltration of data.

UPDATE * confirmed to be Imminent RAT – https://twitter.com/James_inthe_box/status/892912148497575936

I’ve included in this post a bit about the current Rig EK params and the RC4 key which seems to change between samples.

It’s interesting to see other types of malware from Rig other than the 3 common ones I kept finding (bunitu, chthonic, dreambot).

Background Information:

  • A few articles on Rig exploit kit and it’s evolution:



(in password protected zip)

Details of infection chain:

(click to enlarge!)

Full Details:

The flow was found via malvertising from what I think is a TDS. A 302 eventually redirects to Rig EK.

Rig has changed it’s RC4 key making it a little more annoying to grab the payload. Here you can see it is “wexykukusw“.


In addition here are the current params as of today:


The payload was fairly large and I was not able to identify it so I’ve just called it “trojan” as it appears to pretend to be a Java Updater.

SHA256: 8d4a776e6814cf7247711c825e6bf83b1f2768f1dee8c0d896b86b68743ebeab
File name: e14tbkpm.exe
Detection ratio: 17 / 64

The malware drops another file and runs it though it appears to be legitimate software.

SHA256: 51985a57e085d8b17042f0cdc1f905380b792854733eb3275fd8fce4e3bb886b
File name: Juscheckr.exe
Detection ratio: 0 / 64

The malware did create some unusual folders. One is a copy of itself renamed to “javaupdater.exe“. The other is a folder called “Imminent” which contains a text file that appears to be growing inside as time goes on.


The malware made requests as follows:

 DNS requests
 TCP connections
It appears to communicate to over port 5888 likely sending the contents of the file above. Therefore it appears to have some kind of infostealing capability.


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