Sundown EK delivers ZeuS Panda (but C2 offline)


Found this compromised site by chance. The payload was identified as ZeuS Panda by @Antelox who stated the C2’s were offline. I presume this is why there was no further infection.

As there was not much to say here, I shortened the picture. It seems to be regular Sundown EK.

Background Information on Sundown EK:

Sundown EK has changed so much over the past few months that I’m not sure any article can cover what it is today. Sundown is known to use parts of other exploit kits. It has also been reported that the source code of Sundown has leaked:

Newish article on ZeuS Panda:


  • Sundown070317> Contains pcapng and files  in password protected zip.

Notable Details:

  • – – Compromised Website
  • – – Sundown Landing Page
  • – – Sundown Payload Download
  • Payload was gs01idwh.exe – VirusTotal

Details of infection chain:

(click to enlarge!)


ZeuS Panda C2’s were offline so the infection did not go any further.

Full Details:

  • An iframe on the compromised site redirects to Sundown EK.
  • The payload was “gs01idwh.exe” which with the help of @Antelox identified it as ZeuS Panda.
  • SHA256: 6e5b6e404e25cc24ee339fc3963060560f58135b647129c6726b90dad204ea66
    File name: gs01idwh.exe
    Detection ratio: 36 / 59
  • Since the C2’s were offline, the infection did not proceed. The executable lay idle in processes.

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