Rig EK via Malvertising delivers ZeuS variant Chthonic.


Over the past few days I’ve been looking at Cerber for any changes and trying to track Sundown. I have received information to believe  that Sundown is no longer operational. Anyway I returned to my usual malvertising chain but I was unable to capture the traffic as accurately as before.

This time the payload was Chthonic which is a ZeuS variant. At first I could not identify the sample so requested the help of @Antelox who quickly identified it. Upon further investigation I noticed the DNS requests which I recognised from reading MalwareTraffic in the past. I then checked my ET signatures and found one for Chthonic.

Always good to see different variants of malware and from other sources other than PseudoDarkleech and EITest.

Background Information:

  • A few articles on Rig exploit kit and it’s evolution:


  • Oldish article regarding Chthonic banking trojan:



  • rigchthonicPCAP -> Pcap in password protected zip. (2nd pcap has CnC traffic)
  • 130317rigchthonic-> Payload (Chthonic) in password protected zip. Unfortunately I have to use File Dropper, having a few issues with getting this file on my site.

Notable Details:

  • Multiple 302 redirects lead to compromised site
  • – fuel.psorheads.com – Compromised Site
  • – dfg.twitttwoo.co.uk – Rig EK
  • – pationare.bit – Chthonic Domain Lookup
  • – pationare.bit – Chthonic Domain Lookup
  • – pationare.bit – Chthonic Domain Lookup
  • – avaneredge.bit – Chthonic Domain Lookup
  • – avaneredge.bit – Chthonic Domain Lookup
  • Payload was 73mendjd.exe -> VirusTotal

Details of infection chain:

(click to enlarge!)


Malvertising chain led to Chthonic.

Full Details:

  • A malvertising chain used multiple 302 redirects. I had some issue capturing all the traffic so it is not all listed in the image above.
  • iframe to Rig EK on the compromised website
  • dfg.twitttwoo.co.uk  -> Landing Page -> Flash  -> Payload
  • Also to note there are slight changes in Rig EK’s URL patterns. The parameters “fix” and “que” are present although not shown in the picture.
  • Dropped payload “73mendjd.exe” which is different to the usual “rad” themed ones.
  • SHA256: ecd0a876582ec3e104aac27b93ba59e388ee822c33917deef3599b30a9c47352
    File name: 73mendjd.exe
    Detection ratio: 9 / 59
  • This was identified as Chthonic which is a ZeuS variant by @Antelox.
  • Chthonic lay idle for some time in processes. It eventually created a fake Silverlight executable and deleted the original payload and forced a reboot.
  • After reboot the malware had added a start up entry.
  • No POST traffic was observed.

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