Terror EK delivers BitCoin Miner


After having found the previous Terror EK I went searching for it again a few days later. I found what I initially thought was Terror EK but did not get any ET signatures for the landing page. I then saw it did not appear to resemble my last analysis as in there were no Flash exploits. Instead there was a SilverLight exploit.

I decided to tweet it out to the wider community of a few EK hunters I know:


It was confirmed by all to be Terror EK. Infact I had missed a Snort rule which said it was Terror EK. Often Snort rules don’t seem to pick up landing pages so I had thought not to look there. I shall from now on! Several people got involved so many thanks to them especially for identifying the payload.

For this sample I dug a bit further into the landing page code which you can see later on.

Background Information:

  • An article on Terror exploit kit and my previous detection for comparison:



  • Article about Terror EK dropping coin miner:


  • Exploits used by this version of Terror EK:





Downloads (in password protected zip)

Notable Details:

  • – sexyvideos.club – 302 redirect
  • – Terror EK traffic
  • – a.pomf.cat – Miner CnC (from Hybrid Analysis)
  • Payload was rad5DA27.tmp.dll-> VirusTotal (71ea85fd9a93949b4a22ed0ac43caebf991f9c046318bf6a490fe1ecb95537fe
  • It was submitted to Hybrid Analysis.

Details of infection chain:

(click to enlarge!)



Terror EK, absent of Flash exploits drops a BitCoin miner.

Full Details:

  • The payload claims to be a Steam DLL.
  • This payload was dropped however did not run on my environment. Possibly it did not meet the requirements.


SHA256: 71ea85fd9a93949b4a22ed0ac43caebf991f9c046318bf6a490fe1ecb95537fe
File name: rad5DA27.tmp.dll
Detection ratio: 6 / 61
  • This is the final executable after being unzipped.
SHA256: 8c9bcc0ec7c7555919c2bac77bcac146321a5cbe2ee7fd4ed4d431225b3e4cc7
File name: minerd.exe
Detection ratio: 36 / 62
ESET-NOD32 a variant of Win64/BitCoinMiner.U potentially unsafe
  •  The payload downloads a filed called “miner.zip” and uses 7zip is unzip it.




  • This variant of Terror EK did not use any Flash exploits. It appeared to use 3 other exploits.
  • The initial landing page seemed to contain tracking and adverts which could a sort of pre-landing page. I could not locate any exploits within it. It however creates a POST request to the “real” landing page where the exploits are contained.
  • On the landing page is an iframe leading to a metasploit SilverLight exploit.


SHA256: 88cdbf79aba30f553a949fc281baaa5d2e5f887d6c3f05b617c4712a709d47a9
File name: SilverApp1.xap
Detection ratio: 39 / 58
ESET-NOD32 a variant of Win32/Exploit.CVE-2013-0074.O
SHA256: 06f1aaba68a23d85601ad069dd5ff9cff03ef4bd9500a4ee1d4edcd290b521e8
File name: SilverApp1.dll
Detection ratio: 41 / 62
ESET-NOD32 a variant of Win32/Exploit.CVE-2013-0074.O
  • This is part of CVE-2014-6332 AKA Godmode. Note the payload URL contains the CVE number.


  • And finally CVE-2013-2551 which is exploit that compromised my endpoint if you look at the URL on the main picture.


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