Magnitude EK drops Cerber (Scriplet changed to “.bmp”)


Its been a fairly standard week for Rig EK. I’ve not spotted anything new or interesting so I decided not to blog about it this week. I did however discover a change in Magnitude EK. It’s a small one but the Scriplet now has the extension “.bmp” instead of “.ico”.

I also ran this flow with the latest IE 11 and Flash Player and still got Cerber Ransomware (still calling itself CRBR). If you’ve ever fiddled with security settings you’ll probably scream that scriplets are disabled by default which is true. I did play with the security settings to try to give see what payload the scriplet drops. Alas they still failed as usual and Cerber appeared from it’s normal vector.

Background Information:

  • Article from RSA, although a few months old and missing some newer aspects of Magnitude, the fundamentals have not changed.

  • A few previous Magnitude EK posts from me.

Multiple Magnitude EK drops Cerber Ransomware Samples

Magnitude EK drops “CBRB” (Cerber Ransomware)

Magnitude EK via malvertising delivers Cerber Ransomware

Downloads (in password protected zip)

Details of infection chain:

(click to enlarge!)


Full Details:

Just to note for this flow I ran IE 11 downloaded straight from the MS website and the latest Flash was installed. This was to demonstrate the need to patch your operating system as clearly these updates were not enough to stop Magnitude (albeit i did lower IE security settings)



Most notable about this flow is the change of the naming of the scriplet used by Magnitude EK.

The scriplet is called in the landing page. I have deobfuscated most of it and you can see the call to the “.bmp” scriplet. Previous it has been “.ico”.


This is the scriplet mostly deobfuscated with some variables renamed. Here you can see an executable is dropped and ran with cmd. These executables always fail and are 0 kb. I’m not sure why this is the case.


If you enlarge this picture you will see  a condensed version of all the processes that were run on the endpoint.


The payload is Cerber Ransomware. This version calls itself “CBRB”.


This version of a Cerber is at least a week old (UDP patterns are identical but sample is fresh from 3rd) however it still does a good job at evading a lot of AV vendors.

SHA256: 46e29c56d426a4c16548b74f77b2fdd75005ddac1333039567d16212cdc585e4
File name: a.exe
Detection ratio: 14 / 61


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