Rig EK drops Bunitu Proxy Trojan


I have been tracking Rig EK campaigns that drop Bunitu for a while now but lately I’ve had some trouble with my lab getting the payload to download properly. Fortunately I have a sandbox which I can use. I’m sure I will figure out the issue!

This particular compromised site at has a fairly long history of changing it’s domains. It is similar to which is the other IP that I know of. They all contain an iframe leading to a URL on the same IP which contains another iframe which leads to Rig EK. As before this iframe contains the tag “small” so I like to call it the “small gate”.

As I ran this one in my sandbox, it evaluated the JavaScript and removed all the obfuscation save for base64. This is available to download below.

Background Information:

  • A few articles on Rig exploit kit and it’s evolution:


  • Article on Bunitu Trojan:



(in password protected zip)

As a bonus I’ve also included a deobfuscated version of the landing page:

Details of infection chain:

(click to enlarge!)


Rig EK drops Bunitu. The compromised website appears to be a game.

Full Details:

  • A malvertising chain leads to Rig EK which delivers Bunitu. The website contains an iframe which leads to another domain on the same IP which contains an iframe to Rig EK.
  • The payload was rritws0m.exe though i renamed it.
  • SHA256: 817e477fcf49c02945e2929d7e661bc25bd1e35a564ac65ae368efdeddc21725
    File name: 817e477fcf49c02945e2929d7e661bc25bd1e35a564ac65ae368efdeddc21725.bin
    Detection ratio: 12 / 61
  • Bunitu uses a DLL called zazxirr.dll.
  • SHA256: 9c0d1b7105f3cbbbfee53e977a82d9ef70b0034392238a910daca68ee00c3158
    File name: zazxirr.dll.bin
    Detection ratio: 19 / 61
  • Bunitu opens random ports by changing firewall settings and allows the host to become a remote proxy.
  • Every time a client connects, Bunitu issues a DNS request. Although these did not trigger any ET signatures I am sure they are initiated by Bunitu.DNS

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